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Leadership Presentation

Lead Delivery & Intelligence Platform for B2B Publishers

Transform how you deliver leads to your clients and unlock new revenue streams


IntentPro has changed the way we position our products. We now sell multi-touch campaigns to our clients as well as provide a clear differentiator to win new business.


Priscilla Soedarpo, Senior Account Manager, Researcher


About IntentPro

IntentPro is a lead & intelligence platform that helps B2B publishers unlock the power of their first party data.

We integrate with your data systems to transform your leads into high quality, intelligence rich profiles that your clients can monitor, track and influence over time.

Have you been asked by your clients if you can deliver Account Based Campaigns, or Multi Touch Campaigns, and didn't win the business? Or, are you struggling to prove the ROI of your campaigns?

We solve these pains and more!

Our team have been working in B2B publishing for over a decade and are on hand to help you take the next step to scale your business.

Publisher dashboard

Access unique intelligence on which leads have been sent to each of your clients, including identifying who your most valuable readers or event attendees are.

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Account-level intelligence

Unify leads from the same company into a single view, boosted with all of their interactions from all of their campaign interactions.

Email Ai

Integrated with Open Ai / Chat GPT your clients can send hyper-personalised follow-up emails to leads to improve conversion rates and boost engagement.

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Prove ROI

Clients can track leads as they move through their pipeline to understand full campaign performance.

No more spreadsheets

Your clients receive cleaned, enriched, secured leads, in real-time, every time. No more excel.

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Transform your media campaigns

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