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Deliver predictable growth

Unify your marketing, sales and customer success teams into a single revenue generating machine.

Get a crystal clear view of what's actually happening

IntentPro is a lead and revenue intelligence platform.


We help B2B technology companies unlock hidden interactions and provide a single view of how accounts and leads move through your marketing, sales, delivery and renewal processes.

Identify active buyers

Identify account visitors, track performance of campaigns and capture form fill data from your website.

Analyse GTM processes 

Combine marketing, sales and delivery pipelines into a single view. Track volume, value, velocity and conversion rate metrics.

Predict sales & revenue

Using machine learning we predict sales and revenue with up to 95% accuracy.

Influence the sales journey

Using generative Ai you can quickly create emails and content to influence the buyer journey.

We integrate with B2B publications to add an extra layer of intelligence

We integrate with leading B2B events and media businesses to help clients access a unique view of campaign performance.

IntentPro in numbers


Intent signals


Leads processed


Buyers identified


Sales predicted

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Unlock the power of machine learning and Generative Ai

Artificial intelligence is built into the core of IntentPro. Predict sales and revenue, or use generative Ai to create hyper personalised emails and content at scale.

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