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The B2B Lead & Revenue Intelligence Platform 

Identify active buyers, generate intelligence-rich leads, and monitor the intent of your target accounts

We help you target, monitor and understand the intent of your target accounts

IntentPro helps B2B technology companies reach and engage with the right buyers at the right time.


With record funding driving a wave of innovation, there are now more technologies competing for buyers attention than ever before.


With the average buying process involving 20+ purchase influencers, and ranging from 6 months to 10 years,  the days of aggressive outbound messaging and quick automated follow-ups are gone.

We help you stay close to your target accounts (but not too close), offer them relevant supportive content, then reach out at the right time.

Identify active buyers

We use 1st party interactions to track the intent of both individuals and accounts to identify active buyers looking for your technology.

Engage with your target accounts

We help you create relevent content to distribute to your target accounts accross our publisher network.

Generate intelligence rich leads

We generate a steady stream of leads packed full of intelligence and insight to help improve conversion rates, build relationships, and speed up sales cycles.

Monitor intent signals

We give you the reassurance that you are staying front-of-mind with your target accounts without the need for aggressive follow-ups.

Crystal clear intent signals built from 1st party relationships

Our intent signals are based on 1st party individual data, which means that we do not aggregate 1,000's of annoymized data points to infer intent.

When we provide a high intent score against an account, we not only provide the account, but also the individual who is the active buyer.

Our 1st party data signals


B2B Publications

1 B


14 M

Senior Executives 

1.2 M

Active buyers


Leads generated

Our Customers


Start identifying senior executives actively looking for your technology today

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