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Lower your cost of acquistion, speed up your sales cycle and build meaningful relationships with the right buyers

Our services

Identify Active Buyers

We identify companies actively looking for a technology solution like yours. We let you know which accounts as well as the individuals are showing buying signals. Add these companies to your target account list and start to actively engage with them.

Engage Active Buyers

Through our publisher network, we help you create campaigns that resonate with your target account list. We aggregate account data looking at hot topics and trends that we know will grab the attention and build meaningful relationships. We prioritise active buyers and also identify lookalike accounts to maximise reach.

Understand Active Buyers

Access detailed activity and interaction data as well as social profiles, technographics, funding, revenue, and over 30 other data points. Get to know individuals and tailor your sales outreach to maximise conversion rates.

Nurture Active Buyers

Engage with active buyers as they move through their buying journey ensuring your company is front of mind. Build custom nurturing flows and advertise to individuals through our publisher network.

Monitor Active Buyers

The IntentPro platform aggregates all interactions and touchpoints in an easy-to-use platform. We track the intent of your leads and help you build relationships as buyers navigate the complex journey to find the right technology for their business.

The IntentPro dashbaord provides an easy way to view and monitor all activity and lead data

IntentPro is the future of B2B marketing!


It enabled us to focus on building great content, with the comfort of knowing we are interacting with decision makers from our target accounts.

The intent scoring and insights provided are a game changer and always lead to a highly relevant and engaging conversation with the right buyer.

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