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Lower your cost of acquisition, speed up your sales cycle, spot risks early, and drive operational efficiency

Our services

Identify active buyers

We identify companies as they visit your website and uncover hidden buying signals to understand the intent of leads.

Analyse performance

By combining  your marketing, sales and customer success data, we unlock a unified view of all of your revenue generating activities. Our machine learning algorithms help you spot risks, identify opportunities and drive incremental improvements that drive operational efficiencies.

Predict sales & revenue

Our Ai toolkit can predict sales with up to 95% accuracy each month. Never miss a sales forecast again and get the clarity you need to effectively steer your business. You can also model scenarios, create revenue recognition frameworks and build projections for the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

Influence the buyer journey

Our latest feature Email Ai integrates directly with GPT-3 to enable you to send hyper-personalised emails at scale. We help identify the next best action and support you to quickly influence buyers at all stages of their journey.

Campaign performance

We integrate with many of the leading B2B events and media companies to offer a unique view of lead and campaign performance. Quickly clean, qualify and enrich leads, and then send them straight to your CRM.

Deliver incremental gains across your business

IntentPro has transformed the way in which we deliver our go-to-market strategy.

We now have a single real-time view of our pipeline that we simply couldn't get from Salesforce.

Their Ai tools and sales predictor have meant we can spot risks early and influence leads as they move through the pipeline.

It’s saved me over 10 hours of manual reporting each week, not to mention the incremental efficiency gains we are seeing throughout the business.

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