Our Mission

Our mission is to create better relationships between buyers and sellers of B2B technology

The current B2B sales and marketing model is broken

Record funding in B2B technology has made getting the attention of senior decision makers even more competitive.

In addition, new innovations in sales and marketing technology have led to buyers of technology being bombarded and harassed by highly incentivised sales teams looking for a quick win.

The trust is broken.

Our goal is to connect the right buyers, with the right sellers, at the right time, using 1st party intent data.

The impact of this means that tech buyers end up with a more efficient sales process, with the right technologies to grow their business faster.

For sellers, it means quicker sales cycles, more meaningful and relevant conversations, a more efficient process, and a higher win rate.

Everyone wins!

Our team has spent the last 20 years leading some of the largest B2B media companies in the world.

We identified a gap in the market where technology providers are no longer looking to generate a high volume of leads, but to build meaningful and engaging relationships with their target accounts.

Most technology companies have the ability to engage with individuals from their target accounts, but without understanding their intent, companies are damaging their reputation and wasting time following up with leads that are never going to convert.


IntentPro is the solution to engage with your target accounts, provide meaningful content, and identify the right time to have a purchasing conversation.

Our team consists of Data Scientists, Engineers and Develeopers as well as B2B Marketing Experts and Content Creators.

Our team